(2011-10-16) Radian v1.5.0.294/5

  • Some more trigger improvements!
  • Fixed: Invalid hook error.
  • Fixed: Trigger disabled is now saved between reboots.

(2011-06-22) Radian v1.4.0.260

  • Performance improvements - should start up and run faster
  • Trigger improvements - handle cases where trigger stops working

(2011-04-08) Radian v1.3.1.250

  • Fixed: Settings and license file in use error.
  • Fixed: Handled graphics card driver compatibility issues.
  • Fixed: Trial days left display.

(2011-03-26) Radian v1.3.0.246

  • Added: Keyboard Trigger!
  • Fixed: Clearer license window.

(2011-03-01) Radian v1.2.0.240

  • Added: Disable trigger from tray.
  • Fixed: Icon dragging bugs.

(2010-07-28) Radian v1.0.0.88

  • Fixed: Bug causing crash when dragging icons.

(2010-07-15) Radian v1.0.0.74/75/76/81/84

  • Improved right-click behavior over time.
  • Added support for shortcuts with arguments.
  • Fixed: Bug preventing settings from being saved when shutting down Windows.
  • Fixed: Bug preventing custom icons from being saved.

(2009-12-27) Radian v1.0.0.71

  • Fixed: Releasing right-click after Radian appeared causes right menu.
  • Fixed: Error indication when testing an icon fails.
  • Added: Missing OK buttons.
  • Added: Version check on bug report.
  • Added: First time welcome window.

(2009-11-10) Radian v1.0.0.64

  • Fixed: Errors caused by settings save failure.
  • Fixed: GDI+ errors when dragging icons (only XP).
  • Fixed: Disabled check-box's in settings.
  • Fixed: Improved slice icons clarity/sharpness.

(2009-11-9) Radian v1.0.0.62

  • Install detects running radian.
  • Fixed: WindowsXP IDragDrop exception when dragging icons in slice.
  • Right-click progress acceleration.
  • Fixed: dragging empty image exception.