• Continuous right-click anywhere will popup Radian.
  • Launch what you need and Radian will get out of your way.
  • Hover over any shortcut to show it's name.
  • Use a keyboard shortcut to popup Radian.


  • Radian is divided into four slices, one at each direction.
  • Each slice can be customized separately.
  • There are different basic behaviors you can specify for each slice:
    • Custom: the slice will contain shortcuts manually dragged from existing shortcuts or files (from the Quick-Launch, Desktop, Start-Menu, Folder, etc...)
    • Quick Launch: shortcuts from Windows Quick-Launch
    • Desktop: shortcut from Windows Desktop
    • Custom: recently opened documents


  • Specify the speed the continuous right-click loading circle.
  • Select different colors for your slices.
  • Select Radian's popup appearance.
  • Set each slice's behavior separately.